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Hifi Retailer in Rye, East Sussex

Hifiguy Ltd is a high-end hifi retailer on the south coast of the UK based in the ancient town of Rye. We have a fully equipped demonstration room for customers to come down and hear their chosen hifi system or component or just to view our extensive product range and chat hifi!

We have been buying and selling quality Hifi equipment for 25 years so we know a bit about system matching, acoustic room treatment, installation etc. to get the absolute best from your Hifi system.

We are very selective regarding products we stock and endorse; we have had a lot of years to evaluate most of the products on the market and have selected a few of what we consider to be the very best that are available at any price! Including products from MSB, Pilium, Holbo, Silbatone, Marten.

Below are a couple of pictures of our demonstration facilities.

UPDATE UPDATE : The bottom picture is of our new demonstration room based in Brighton,Sussex. Presently stocked and demonstrating Silbatone electronics (ie Pre/Power amplifiers /Phono amplifier and Dacs. Please call to arrange a demonstration here if more convenient than our Rye studio (Soon to be opening a branch of Hifiguy in Petersfield)